I will be your Research Assistant, Editor, and creative content consultant. If you want me to write a book, an essay, a literary work or blog post I will do it for you. I can proofread, edit, improve and make it more fun for readers. I will add takeaways, lessons, and engaging ideas to make your content more interesting and dynamic. You will take full credit. Ghostwriting also involves Creative, Technical, or Search Engine Optimized Writing for various industries and categories.

Social Media Content/Writing

I will Write Search Engine Optimized content, Social Media content, Call To Actions and media campaigns for various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Content will be tailored to your specific guidelines. It will also include a CTO (Call to Action) and relevant hashtags for your specific niche or industry.

Creative Writing/Business Writing

I will do intensive research, make outlines, and create content on various topics and categories of your choice. It will be based on guidelines you wish for, or it can be according to a specific target market or niche. I will provide relevant bullet points, takeaways or lessons, and it will be crafted in a creative way to inspire engagement from readers. Your brand, name or business will be remembered and loved. Your website’s reputation will be refined and shiny.


Next Steps…

Want to hire me as a business or creative writer? Want to hire me for my Search Engine Optimization skills? Want to hire me for a project-based contract which encompasses SEO, Social Media Marketing, writing, research, and admin tasks? Contact me here!