What Kind Of Intelligence Do You Have? Which Career Path Is For You?

Multiple Intelligence (MI) and its special career paths


If you loved the last article I wrote, THE THEORY OF MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES (MI) AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? here is a follow up for that. Here are the usual skill sets connected to each kind of intelligence and possible career paths for those who are primarily adept with each kind of intelligence or “smarts” on the list. Which job or career is the best one for you?



  1. Visual or Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

With the capacity to think in images and pictures, you can visualize accurately and also abstractly.

Your skills include: constructing, painting, puzzle building, fixing, designing objects and concepts, and engineering

Careers – Mechanic, Sculptor, Artist, Inventor, Architect, Engineer, Designer, Detective, Interior and Exterior Designer, Computer Programmer, Cartoonist, Animator, Special Effects Engineer/Director


  1. Mathematical or Logical Intelligence (Number or Reasoning Smart)

You have the ability to think abstractly or conceptually. Your skills include understanding logical or numerical patterns. Solving numerical or logical problems are easy for you.

Your skills include: Problem-solving (logical & math), performing experiments.

Careers – Engineer, Scientist, Accountant, Mathematician, Researcher, Banker, Entrepreneur


  1. Verbal or Linguistic Intelligence (“Word Smart”)

You have highly developed verbal skills and sensitivity to the meanings, sounds, and rhythms of words. You can also be multi-lingual or fluent in at least three spoken languages.

Your skills include: Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Teaching.

Careers – Archaeologist, Writer, Poet, Teacher, Journalist, Lawyer, Politician, Investigator, Language Translator, Ambassador, Counselor, Coach, Interrogator, Speaker


  1. Bodily or Kinesthetic Intelligence (“Body Smart”)

You have the natural ability to be in full command of your body movements and handle objects skillfully. You have the talent to move gracefully and control things with your hands. You have superb hand-eye coordination, sharp reflexes, impressive dexterity, flexible and adaptable bodies.

Your skills include: Dancing, Acting, Hands-on experiments, Acrobatics, Weapons handling, Sports, and Martial Arts

Careers – PE Teacher, Athlete, Dancer, Actor, Firefighter, Soldier, Martial Arts Instructor, Sports Coach, MMA Fighter, Stunt Actor, Race Car Driver


  1. Musical Intelligence (“Music Smart”)

You have the capacity to appreciate and produce rhythm, pitch, sound, and melodies.

Your skills include: Composing music or melodies, Singing, Playing instruments, Songwriting

Careers – Disc Jockey, Musician, Singer, Composer, Music Coach, Song Writer, Instrument Player


  1. Intrapersonal Intelligence (“Self Smart”)

You have the innate ability to be self-aware and always in tune with your own values, beliefs, inner feelings, and thinking processes.

Your skills include: Recognize one’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Introspection, Meditation, Awareness of inner thoughts, feelings, and reactions

Careers – Theorist, Researcher, Philosopher, Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Consultant


  1. Interpersonal Intelligence (“People Smart”)

You have the natural skill and capability to detect and respond appropriately to the shifting and different moods, motivations, and desires of other people.

Your skills include: Seeing from other’s perspectives or Empathy, Counseling, Co-operating, Motivating and inspiring others,

Careers – Salesperson, Politician, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Minister, Life Coach, Entrepreneur


  1. Naturalist Intelligence (“Nature Smart”)

They are finely attuned to nature and have the ability to recognize, understand and categorize animals, plants, and other living things in nature.

Your skills include: Recognizing one’s connection to nature, profound awareness of nature and the Circle of Life, Understand deeply the Scientific Theories that apply to life and the world

Careers – Naturalist, Scientist, Landscape Architect, Traveler, Explorer, Scuba Diver, Marine Biologist, Science Teacher, Environmentalist


  1. Existential Intelligence (“Life Smart”)

You have a high sensitivity and capacity to deal with profound questions about the human existence. Your concerns include what is the meaning of life? Why do we die? Where did we come from? Where do we go next?

Your skills include: Reflective and deep thinking, Experimentation, Imagination, Designing abstract theories,

Careers – Theoretical Scientist, Theologian, Philosopher, Researcher, Explorer, Archaeologist, Inventor


With this list of Multiple Intelligences and comparison with each type on the list, which types of intelligence are yours? What career paths are you planning on choosing or have chosen already? Are you happy with the career path you have now?

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