How Is The Power Of Thought Applied? Have You Tried It?

The Power Of Thought In Your Life and How It Affects Us


“When you expect the best, you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tends to bring the best to you.” – Norman Vincent Peale



How many times have you heard about the power of prayers? This is just a part of the amazing force that is called the power of thought. When people pray, meditate or send good vibrations to other people, they are essentially using the power of thought. Prayer warriors and prayer groups are effective because there is a collective one-mind, one-thought, a universal power that sends good vibrations and the positive “white light” of healing to people even from across long distances across continents.

If you believe that something good will come your way then it will happen. Love will find a way. You can do anything if you believe. When you just believe, possibilities are opened for you. When your thought starts with belief, something amazing happens inside you. You become confident, you see new things and connections, then you are able to act based on that newfound belief. These are not cliché or overused words without meaning. These are powerful and meaningful sentences created by the power of thought. It is a universal fact, and there is no denying most positive thoughts. It is also connected to the “Law of Attraction.” Like magnets, like attracts like, good attracts good, bad attracts bad, and when you think positively, positive things will be attracted to you.


Power Words

When people say something good to other people; words like: Bless you, Thank you, Take care, Be safe, I’m grateful, I love you, Get well soon, You are welcome and many more. These are examples of power words. These words have a positive effect on people. Do not underestimate the power of words. Behind positive words, there is positive thought and that connection is powerful to those who are willing to listen, accept and believe these words. When someone tells you: You can do it! You are beautiful! You are a child of God. Your family loves you. Be gracious and accept them and say thank you. Believe it and amazing things will happen. Remember the power of thought can become words. Words become actions, then habits. Then eventually your collection of habits help build your character. You become who you are through the power of your thought.

Depending on who said these words to you, there will be levels of importance and impact. The bottom line is that positive words have a positive effect on people. Try it out.

Many testimonials and accounts from a multitude of people are recorded throughout history about the amazing power of prayer. How many people who believed they could be cured got cured? The power of healing through faith healers combined with your belief, your faith in a power that is greater than you or the world, these are real… when you believe.

The power of holy or blessed water is real: it can cure and bless those who believe. Those who don’t, well they are blocking the positive into their lives, that is sad, but then that is their choice.

The powers of lucky charms or talismans are also real, to those who believe. These are not limited to merely physical things; it also extends to actions and words. For example, a kiss on the forehead is a powerful charm. When you kiss a loved one on his or her forehead, you are setting up a shield of protection powered by love and care. When someone you know says: God bless you, you are being blessed with positive thoughts, love, and a higher power. The more heartfelt and sincere the words, the more powerful it becomes. You can choose to believe it or not. It’s really up to you. A pat on the back is a confidence booster or a positive reassuring touch that means hey you did well! Keep up the good work! People have different beliefs about lucky numbers, lucky colors, lucky rings, lucky food, or lucky place. Those things become real and powerful because people strongly believe in them.


A Magic the Gathering Story

I remember more than a decade ago, my 2 brothers and I would join Magic the Gathering tournaments and we were excited each time we did. I started a magic belief, I would always ask my youngest sister (who was a baby at that time, she was a vibrant, inquisitive and smart two-year-old with long raven “cheese curls” for hair) for a lucky kiss on my cheek. She would happily oblige and would also give me a free hug as well. More often than not, I would be lucky in the tournaments, I would play my best. I made only a few mistakes in the matches and drew the cards I needed to win. I would often be in the final eight, the final four, then a champion in a few tournaments hahaha. I would win 2 to 4 booster packs depending on how many entered the tourney. My brothers would ask how and why I got lucky. I told them about my lucky charm, and they believed me hook-line-and-sinker (I was always very persuasive to a fault) and they followed my example. We would join MTG events and tourneys almost every week, and we would win booster packs for winning. Sometimes, one of my brothers would be the champ and the other would take 2nd place. They would just shake hands and take the prizes home hahaha.



Again, the power of thought! When you believe you are lucky, you will be! Even when we did not take the top prize home, when we chose the booster packs for 2nd or 3rd or 4th place, we sometimes get legendary cards or highly sought powerful magic spell cards because we firmly believed we were lucky. Then that one rare card happened to be something that someone wanted and he would offer us a sweet deal; hey I would trade that rare with 2 booster packs? Sometimes we would get 3 booster packs traded for a single rare (yeah, we get rare foil cards too). Imagine the new rare cards that we got after that trade, and other card exchanges after, huh?


Why is the power of thought important?

How many people succeeded because they believed they would or could? How many people who were diagnosed by the doctors that they won’t be able to walk anymore, were still able to walk again because they chose never to give up and persistently believed that they would win that physical and mental and spiritual battle? They believed they could, and then they acted on that belief.  They would do whatever it takes to make their bodies stronger, their minds alert and positive, so they would triumph. Then they would overcome and come out stronger.

There are many accounts of people conquering insurmountable odds, “cheating death” and recovering from terminal diseases, and these are because of the power of thought, and other people’s prayers. Many would refuse to die because they have some unfinished business on Earth, many would choose to live for a son or a daughter, and many would conquer death because they have a reason only they know, they have a strong belief or faith in something or someone or the universe or God. These are but a few examples of the power of thought in action. A prayer group also helps a lot in most of these desperate cases. We often call impossible events as miracles. Miracles happen when enough people believe, through prayers, positive thinking, good vibrations, or the power of thought.

How does the power of thought work? It begins with a simple thought, that’s it. The thought can be negative or positive or it can be neutral too. It is connected to the law of attraction. “Like” attracts like. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative too. Good thoughts attract more good thoughts, good things, good people, good events, good opportunities, and more good “anything”. Negative thoughts attract, well you can imagine what it can attract, opposite to what positive can do.

The best course of action is to be mindful of your thoughts. Make a conscious effort to always think positively so that positive action can happen next.

Here is an example. Do you believe in God? Your answer could be yes or no or maybe or not sure. The answers are Positive, or Negative, or Neutral. You can choose to believe, not to believe or choose not to take a side or just be “in-between”. Your reasons are your own. Your thoughts are your own. Your actions are your own. You are responsible for your own thoughts and actions; you will reap the benefits or consequences that come with each choice, each thought, each action. What do you think is the best way to think? Positive, Negative, or Neutral?

Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets? If not, then you are limiting your imagination, you are closing yourself to the possibility of “what if”. The universe is such a vast place, all that energy, all the wonders of outer space, and we as human beings have the audacity to think that there is no other life in other worlds? Not even bacteria? Planets are alive, it has an ecosystem, and so aren’t planets also considered life forms? How many planets are there in the known and unknown galaxies? Isn’t it a waste of space and energy on a universal scale if only the human race is the only life that exists in this universe?

Do you believe that anything is possible? You can answer positively, negatively or neutrally. The answer really is up to you. By now, you have an idea of what is the best course of thought to take that will influence the best course of action and the best possibilities that might happen.

How many times have you heard that: if you “believe” then anything is possible? When you are faced with a task, if you believe you can do it, then you can. If you don’t, then you can’t. How so? If you believe you can do something, then you will act on it. Then you will prove that you can do it regardless of whether others believe you or not. On the other hand, if you believe that you can’t do it, then you can’t act accordingly. It really sounds simple, right? Imagine the power of your thoughts and what it can bring you.

“Do or do not. There is no try. “– Master Yoda 


Another thing, when you start to worry or doubt then you are wasting your imagination on something that is not real. When there is doubt, just ask questions and investigate. Find the answers to remove your doubt so that next time, you are more open to the “what if?”

Be with positive people. Listen to positive words and inspiring quotes or anything that can inspire you. For some people, motivation is as essential as taking a daily bath. They need it regularly to stay motivated or inspired. Some people are self-motivated, they have inner sources to draw motivation from.


Power of Thought and the Positive Actions to Consider

Better to use your imagination on positive vibes and positive thoughts because that is where your creative power grows. It’s best when we start using our power of thought to do the following:

  • Think of good things happening (visualize that particular thought and make it real in your mind, the same way you would imagine dragons or beautiful princesses when you read fantasy books; visualize good health, a happier family, your abilities improving, good weather, and more)
  • Think of good people coming into your life (Imagine them walking towards you, see their silhouettes then add vibrant colors, then hear them say some positive words to you, it sounds silly at first, but when you do it, it will feel natural)
  • Think of good opportunities that you will discover later on (think of jobs, business, or events that you want or need)
  • Think of all the positive things that you can do (just use your imagination, you can do it!)

These mindsets are just great. It is a better use of your power of thought. After the thought is firmly solidified, then the actions come next.

Here are some actions you can do:

  • Do positive things for yourself, for your friends and family, for strangers too (get a hobby, do an act of kindness, give a thank you note, a phone call, a visit, and more)
  • Say positive things to all kinds of people (compliment them, if you notice something good, say it, be kind, be nice, be positive)
  • Be grateful for all the good things that happened to you (say thank you to the clean air, delicious food you ate, good company of friends, an inspiring quote from a friend, your job, your hobby, your family and more)
  • Be a good influence on people and especially children, help them learn about positivity at an early age
  • Maintain a positive mental attitude (Look for daily inspiration from positive people, learn new motivational quotes, be in the company of good people who are doing good things. Then avoid toxic or negative people because they will always try to bring you down to their miserable level.)

Power of Thoughts, Choices, and Gratitude

You can choose to be positive. Send people good vibrations and positive thoughts. If you liked this article then spread the positive white light of healing and positivity to other people across the world. They will thank you for it. Never underestimate the power of a kind word spoken to the right person at the right time. Have you experienced something like that before? Wasn’t that an awesome experience?

The power of thought is amazing, right? Gratitude is another important element that supports the power of thought. Expressing your gratitude through thoughts and words either written or spoken helps your brain to see more good in everyday life. It will help you become happier. Go ahead, try it sometimes.

I would like to speak my heartfelt thanks, my gratitude, to all the people who helped me grow. The universe and God already know who you are.

I am lovingly grateful to my dearly departed Dad who was a positive force for good, he lived a positive and meaningful life. In words, in action, and in thought I am completely positive on that! Countless people have testified that he was a good man, a kind heart. Rest in peace dad! You are loved now and forevermore.

I would like to say my deepest thank you to my mom who did her best to care for all of us, I was just not open-minded and accepting of the way she expressed her love when I was younger. Mom, thank you for loving me and my brothers and sisters. Thank you for doing your best. On behalf of my brothers and sisters, let me say: We love you, Mom!

I would like to say thank you to my brothers and sisters for being part of my life. I am grateful you were there to help me with new discoveries, sharing our early childhood struggles, recognizing our quirks and insanities, doing some crazy life experiments, and for just being a huge part of my joys and sorrows and growth. I am glad that many of you grew up stronger and better than before. You are now highly resistant to brainwashing and negativity; you now have your own positive shields and immunities, hahaha.

To you, reading this right now, I hope you’ve learned something positive today. I hope you are inspired to use your imagination for positive things. Use the power of thought to your advantage and for other people as well.

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Have an awesome day!

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