Leader VS Boss: What’s The Difference?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle


Boss VS Leader

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Here I will compare these two terms, both of which are commonly interchanged by most people. The terms “Boss” and “Leader,” are actually different. They have a lot of similarities; however, their differences are as clear as night and day. Boss VS Leader – What would you want to be?

The difference between a boss and a leader is as wide and deep as the Pacific Ocean. No kidding!
Here are the differences, so pay attention so that next time you interact with people, you will have a clearer idea of where they stand. Boss VS leader, who wins? Why should you care?


A boss is someone who stays at the back of the team and commands people to do their best.
A leader is someone who leads in front and inspires the team to do their best.

A boss looks for mistakes and finds someone to blame.
A leader finds better solutions and someone to praise.

A boss claims victories as his/her own. A boss says, “I.”
A leader shares victory with his/her team. The leader says, “We.”

A boss takes credit and time from others.
A leader shares his/her time, and knowledge with the team.

A boss is feared and demands respect.
A leader is respected and is worthy of loyalty.

A boss has a tendency to ignore people.
A leader always listens to his/her team.

A boss expects results from people.
A leader inspires his/her team to achieve results.

A boss uses people.
A leader develops people.


These comparisons are just the tip of the iceberg. Aim to be a leader.
Be a charismatic leader by learning how to listen with presence.
Use your skills and knowledge to inspire and motivate people to affect positive change, growth and always for the greater good.
Aim to make something better, a better team, a better company, a better way.
Use your warmth to create strong emotional bonds with people that will build trust and inspire loyalty.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things, especially when they adopt an extra ordinary mindset.
Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way – Albert Einstein


Working for something great begins within you. Aiming for excellence is a mindset of trying to do your best in whatever you do. Excellence is a very powerful and very high objective. It takes an ambitious mind, an open mindset, highly confident and focused mind to aim for excellence.

Contrary to popular belief, Ambition is not a bad thing. Ambition is that drive which allows us to aim for more. Ambition is about aiming for something more and focusing on a specific goal.

An open mindset is ready to accept new things, willing to listen to something never heard before, and it is also capable of assessing what makes sense and what works. An open mind is open to new possibilities while also being able to judge with logic accordingly.

Commitment is important because that would allow you to be consistent and persistent in your effort to improve. When you are committed to do something, you are unstoppable, you are relentless!

When you are confident in your skills, you have a tendency to act with your best intentions intact. You always have high morale and you are able to work at your peak performance. Thus, you are able to achieve what you set your mind into. Have you heard of the saying: “What your mind conceives, your body can achieve!?”

Hard work is a prerequisite to success. You do not succeed by accident or pure luck. By hard work, it means you work efficiently and always do your best. You know how to use best practices that truly work and you also know what works best specifically for your own set of skills and tendencies.

Your confidence in your abilities also allows you to take risks because that is part of the journey to excellence.
Your focus keeps you on the right track always. It will be like your own personal compass, your north star.


The amazing thing to remember about excellence is that each step you take towards improving yourself, your skills, and your attitude to endure is a triumph worth celebrating.


Your path towards excellence is paved with challenges, insightful discoveries, realizations, and growth. The road to excellence takes hard work, commitment, perseverance, the right mindset and enough passion to reach higher. Always remind yourself, what drives you? What inspires you? What makes you happy? Ask these questions and answer each one as best as you can. Then you will discover who you really are and what you can become in the future. Always take note of what you have become while taking this challenging journey.

Aim for excellence, not perfection. Aim to be a leader and never a boss.


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