Inspirational Quotes Are Awesome! Get Ready To Receive Them

How do inspirational quotes affect us?

Inspirational quotes have an amazing ability to inspire others. It can motivate individuals to see a new way of thinking, thus it has the potential to change people’s mindsets. When a particular quote resonates well with the reader, when there is a connection that feels right, a thought that reassures us of something, then there is a change coming within.

It can improve the way we think about something. Here are a few inspirational quotations that you might find interesting and empowering. Check them out. See if they speak to you in a special way.

I have discovered them, like many others before me, that the right words spoken at the right moment can be life-changing. It could be the push that you might need to move forward or finally accept something that you already know to be true, but you just needed a bit more reassurance or confirmation. Many inspirational quotes are crucial on our paths towards success and happiness. Is there a secret to the power of these motivational or inspirational quotes?

So what is the secret to these inspirational quotes?

The way you feel and think about yourself, this includes your mindsets, expectations, and beliefs about what is possible for you, usually is a huge factor that determines everything that happens in your life.

The right words, an inspirational quote, can change the way we feel about ourselves. It can rewire our brain in a way that we see the world differently, through a lens of our own making.

Here is the takeaway: When you change the quality of your thinking, you transform the quality of your life, and in many cases, almost instantly.

How so? Here is the thing, positive words have the ability to make people smile or feel good. Remember the Happiness Advantage? Just like a greatly-timed funny quote or comment can make a sad person laugh, when a quote has the right frequency, when it resonates well with someone, then their thoughts and their feelings also react to the world in real-time. In a snap of a finger, a motivational quote can make you feel awesome! Be ready to receive them, let your mind be ready for something great to happen. Hello Universe!

Let’s begin. Just be ready to open your mind to awesome possibilities.

In this world, in this lifetime, in this reality, YOU have absolute power over one aspect of the universe. I am not kidding when I say you have power over this one thing, you have control over it when you choose to. And what might that be? The all-powerful “way of thinking” Your way of thinking shows you how you see the world. This is where motivational or inspirational quotes kick in and come into play!

1) “The Pessimist sees Difficulty in every Opportunity. The Optimist sees Opportunity in every Difficulty.” – This is a quote from Winston Churchill

Let us translate this one. Other similar quotes translate this into. Pessimists see problems in every solution. Optimists see solutions in every problem. Agree? Now what? Where do you stand? Do you feel a change coming yet? Or just a reassurance of something you already feel is right and true? Is your brain rewired into something better than before?


2) “You Learn More From Your Failure Than From Your Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.” — this is from an Unknown source, usually goes by the name of “anonymous.” Mr. Anonymous sure is a famous guy throughout history eh? Hehehe

Here is where the magic happens. When you choose to replace the word “lose” or “lost” or “fail” with the word “learn” in your personal vault of power words or vocabulary, the thought of failure becomes less fearsome or hard to deal with; that challenge then becomes easier to accept and face head-on. When you do that, you retrain your mindset to focus on growth. Do not be afraid to fail, welcome it instead, and be ready to conquer it. You will be stronger and better when you learn new things, when you learn from your mistakes. Ever heard of the cliché “what does not kill you makes you stronger and better than ever?”

FEAR can mean two things. Face Everything And Rise! Or it can be Forget Everything And Run away! It’s your choice, my friend.


3) “Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.” — From Henry Ford, He made this particular proclamation while he was reflecting on his life.

Henry Ford was born in 1863 and he died on 1947 at 84 years old. His net worth is at $188.1 billion US dollars and this is based on February 2008 data according to Forbes. He is the 6th wealthiest individual in the modern period. His net worth was estimated between $188–199 billion US Dollars.

This is a powerful sentence coming from an American captain of industry, Henry Ford. He made a milestone in history, in the industrial revolution. He made the first car, founded the Ford Motor Company.

He sure is a powerful man. Powerful not because he is rich, or because he took a huge risk and made something new that nobody else has done before. He is powerful and he became rich because of his mindset, his way of thinking. I bet he already had the “Happiness Advantage” long before those two words were coined.

Here’s a bonus quote from him as well. “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

Are you ready to learn and conquer your fears? Are you ready to become better than before? Are you ready to be bolder and take more action? Are you ready to Face Everything And Rise? I bet you are! I’m sure you are! I’m thinking you are saying right now: Hell Yeah! Come on, bring it on!

Have an awesome day guys! Be ready to receive more inspirational quotes in the future.

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