Hello Universe! I am Ven Santillan

Hello Earth! Hello Internet! Hello Universe!

My name is Ven Santillan. I am a writer for more than 10 years. This is my first personal blog. I named it… yes, you guessed it. Ven Santillan. I chose the tagline: “Anything within the Universe” because using the phrase “Anything under the Sun” was already taken and it’s cliché. Haha. I would not want to be typecast as mediocre, Mundane or just another Muggle. The tagline is also an excuse; I mean a reason for me to cover as many topics as my heart desires. Those categories could be as atomically-challenged as MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Ant Man’s “microverse” (Micro sized Universe – a microscopic world within something else) easter egg, which was a universe unto itself and already had its own Marvel comics titled Micronauts series which was first published in January 1979 or shift to topics like galaxies far, far away. Can you hear the intro music yet? How about multiverses, like Sliders T.V. Series, or Jet Li’s movie, “The One,” or DC Universe’s multiverse or infinite Earths storylines? How about Dr. Strange’s diverse supernatural extra dimensions? Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun run! A roller coaster ride to say the least.

I am an avid reader of Marvel and DC comics; at least I was, more than two decades ago. I usually buy comics only when they were on sale. I was exposed to a few of my Dad’s wide collection of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum books. Then I dabbled in the supernatural arts of Magic the Gathering in 1999. Then a magic player named Skye (who had the same name as one of the Dragons in those books) introduced me to the rich world of the Dragonlance Saga, then I traveled to Krynn and savored every moment spent within it. Later, an old friend introduced me to a thick black book that had a mundane title: The Lord of the Rings. Little did I know that I would be slapped silly with the old saying: “Never judge a book by its cover!” I distinctly remembered it was Glorfindel who saved Frodo from the Nazgûls and not Arwen as the movie depicted LOL.

Are you a Star Wars Fan or a Star Trek Fan? Fortunately, I am both!

I’ve also had the pleasure of reading business books, writing book reviews, book summaries, and producing content for a company in Sweden as a remote business writer. It was an awesome and personally enriching experience. I have never felt so empowered working with a brilliant startup founder and her team. I felt like I was truly making a difference and I loved it!

Anyway, stay tuned for more. Help me build a community or readers and positive people who will help each other grow? Are you one of them? Stick around and let’s see where this goes.

This will not be a race, rather it will be a journey to more discoveries, more worlds explored, more treasures uncovered, more mysteries solved, more takeaways taken home, more heroic adventures vicariously enjoyed, and more concepts shared and dissected. Join me on a journey to explore the universe, to infinity and beyond!

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