About Me


My Approach

I have the learner’s mindset. I love to read. I am passionate about books and learning from positive people. I want to make a difference in the world. I will learn, I will adapt and I always strive for excellence, never for perfection. I will make a difference in the world, no matter how small. I will be like a stone that drops in a pond that will create ripples and affect others in positive ways. I am a matcher at heart, but I am aiming to become a giver.


My Story

I love to read and learn new things. I am a writer. I am an optimist.

Ven Santillan

I am passionate about learning, reading, and improving my craft. I have a background in programming, business and creative writing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. I am also a virtual assistant. I love to learn more.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to work for a pioneering SEO company in the Philippines. I had the pleasure of working with a team of dynamic, positive and brilliant people and I have learned a lot from them and the company. I had training in SEO, SMM, content writing, research, and Media Buying within 5 years.

I took a leap of faith and became an online freelance writer and virtual assistant. I have been in this field of business since 2010. I have had the pleasure of working with different clients from different countries, various cultures, and businesses. I am on a journey of constant learning.

When I am working, I always aim for excellence. When my clients are happy, I am happy. Every bit of improvement is always a good thing. I welcome challenges. I do not fear failure and I love trying new things for learning’s sake. I try to find ways to redefine, repackage and repurpose business concepts or challenges and when it happens, magic is created. When milestones are reached, I celebrate them.

I have ghostwritten at least a thousand articles over the years. I have helped clients write their books, blog content, press releases, SEO focused content articles, business website content, and more. I have helped developed websites and its content in the past through SEO link building and content marketing.


Next Steps…

Want to hire me as a business or creative writer? Want to hire me for my Search Engine Optimization skills? Want to hire me for a project-based contract which encompasses SEO, Social Media Marketing, writing, research, and admin tasks? Contact me here!